5 Ways to Extend the Lifespan of Your Gutter System


Don't underestimate the importance of maintaining your gutter system. Remember, your gutters are responsible for ushering water away from your roof and foundation. When they no longer function properly, it can affect the structure of your home and cause damage to its siding, foundation, and more. Here are just five key ways to extend the life of your gutter system with leaf guards, inspections, and other practices.

1. Hire Professionals to Install a Leak Guard

Leaf guards are essential for protecting your gutter system from clogging, leaking, and damage. According to Architectural Digest, gutter guard installation costs average from $900 and $2,000 for a home that requires about 200 linear feet of materials. You should hire professionals to install this type of guard because it stops water from seeping through your gutter seams, which can result in rot, rust, or mold. The thin strip of plastic or metal covers the joints of your gutters and helps to form a watertight seal that can preserve their lifespan.

2. Check Your Gutters After Storms

Even if you live in a place with infrequent inclement weather, try to make it a habit to check your gutters after every storm. Whether you experience heavy winds, snow, or intense rain, anything could bring your gutters down if they haven't been checked in a while. Roof shingles and debris, pine needles, and branches can all get stuck at the top of leaf guards and block the water flow through your gutters.

Even if you already had your annual inspection, don't hesitate to call gutter contractors to return and clear out your gutters if they appear clogged. After all, if you don't handle the situation while it's still manageable, your gutters may begin to sag, overflow, and have irreparable damage that results in the need for replacement.

3. Get Annual Inspections

Like your roof, your gutter system should always have at least one annual inspection. A gutter professional can look out for cracks, holes, and signs of rust corrosion. They can also clean any small debris that may have accumulated inside your gutters or under your leaf guards. A professional inspection can ensure that your gutter system is functioning properly and extend its lifespan. As mentioned, if your gutters are showing signs of wear and tear after your annual inspection, don't hesitate to have further inspections or repair services. Check out your gutters frequently to avoid needing premature replacement services.

4. Invest in Downspout Installation

If your gutters often work overtime, it's likely in your best interest to invest in high-quality downspouts. They play an important role in a residential gutter system, and our team of professionals always recommends getting them installed for additional protection. Downspouts move water from the gutters to the ground and away from your home. This diversion ensures your home and siding remain protected from extensive water buildup, which can cause damage over time.

While you should check your downspouts as frequently as once a month, it's important to hire professionals to inspect them at least twice a year, states the National Park Service. Check-ups in the spring and fall seasons ensure your gutter system is in ideal shape all year long.

5. Choose the Right Leaf Guards

Like any feature you would incorporate into your home, all leaf guards aren't the same. There are different ones available that can be made from foam, brush, mesh, and more. The type of leaf guard you choose will have its pros and cons. Consider the shape and size of your gutters before you choose leaf guards or find professionals who can choose them for you.

Make sure you research and compare various options when deciding on the right one. After all, you should consider warranty, performance, appearance, and durability, which the relevant contractor should be able to explain to you. At Seamless Pro, we offer a 20-year warranty on all our products!

Quality gutters protect your roof from excessive moisture. Make sure your gutters can do their job by keeping up with regular maintenance and repairs. By following the tips above, you can preserve the lifespan of your gutters as long as possible. For more information about gutter maintenance, contact our team at Seamless Pro today. We can help you take care of your gutter system with ease!